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Employee Experience - recharge your workforce

In an enterprise organization, an employee’s experience takes shape from the time they are interviewed, carrying through the employment tenure. A process that is supremely broken right now, across every industry.

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Employee Experience

In today's world...

A large majority of employees complain that there are too many systems to keep track of. To get something done they have to navigate disparate dashboards, manually clicking through various browsers. At the same time, HR professionals don’t have a contextually coordinated way to initiate, manage and monitor the entire range of their daily functions. The workforce is over-taxed, less productive and wasting precious time. By routinely engaging in manual repetitive tasks, the employee experience quickly becomes less gratifying.


SKAEL completely transforms the user experience by offering an agent that is enabled by artificial intelligence. If you have a messaging platform at work, you communicate with this agent in natural language, both by text and voice.

Available 24x7x365, the agent understands who you are, what you’re trying to accomplish and instantly delivers contextually aware intelligence and rich outputs.

No more dashboards or cumbersome workflows. Just say what’s on your mind and get your job done in seconds!

Reference Architecture (Employee Experience)

SKAEL’s on-premise services run inside the customer’s cloud environment. They connect into data sources in the backend to ingest, clean, extract, prioritize and correlate outputs based on customer’s business logic.

These services make a long-running secure connection to SKAEL’s Private SaaS over HTTPS:443. For an on-boarded customer, a license record with date range is securely created in the License Manager

  • On the front end, it connects into messaging platforms over HTTPS:443 channels. It intakes natural language expressions from users, understands the intent and context and instantly generates easily consumable rich outputs.
  • Persistent validation from the License Manager allows API Connection Manager, Content Generator, Cache Database, and AI Engine to execute the query requests within the customer’s cloud environment.

Consistent experiences across both voice and text:

SKAEL agent can simultaneously integrate with the following platforms:
  • HRIS
  • Email systems
  • Calendaring
  • Payroll, paycheck, and taxes
  • Messaging platforms
  • Travel and accommodation
  • Training and coursework
  • IT ordering and procurement
  • Identity management
  • Facilities and fleet management
  • Expense management
  • Healthcare benefits
  • HR Policy documents
  • Talent and performance management
SKAEL agent applies to the following industries:
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Supply chain
  • Information Technology
  • Finance, Banking, Insurance
  • Energy / Oil and Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare and hospitality
  • Consumer goods
  • Public services
  • Travel, Transportation
  • Manufacturing (Automotive, Aerospace, Appliances, Electronic Goods)

Return on Investment

  • Time savings
  • Delightful employee experience
  • Multi-fold increased productivity       
  • 24x7 access to analysis, trends, and reporting               
  • No training required
  • Break out of old-school dashboard based “static” experience
  • Gain “in the moment” access to rich outputs that usually take hours, days or weeks
  • On the fly, slice-and-dice data by simply asking questions in plain English
  • Agent is available 24x7x365 to all employees
  • Agent adapts to your frequent requests and adjusts to show results proactively
  • Get contextually aware results customized to your role and the current task sequence

From Our Customers

Calls to Service desk reduced drastically and we allocate our staff to those tasks which provide value to our customers - Steve McDonald, CIO
Our employees love "Elsa", "Elsa" provides us aswers to day-to-day queries, our backend teams are free to do more value add tasks - Matthew Jones - VP, HR
We had no clue about AI, or it's applicaitons, SKAEL guided us throgh simple process, now we think how did we survive without "Elsa" . - Susan Porter - Director, HR, APAC
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