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Pre-packaged and ready to go, our Digital Employees are the perfect way to get introduced to SKAEL. These AI-enabled virtual employees use a highly functional conversational engine to understand human requests and work uninterrupted within your employees' applications of choice.

Revenue Operations


Remind, update and move deals through the CRM

Updating a forecast is never fun, but it is a critical part of running a high-performing sales team. 

June completes important updates without your sales team having to log in to their CRM. June can also collaborate with other Digital Employees to complete tasks across departments.

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Inside the Platform

About the Digital Workforce Platform

Organizations can quickly and easily implement, tailor and
administer SKAEL’s low-code automation platform to
change the way work gets done. Our Digital Workforce Platform was developed on a combination of technologically advanced solutions including workflow automation, conversational AI and data access.

Our Technology, On a Mission

Automate repetitive tasks. Focus your staff on the work that matters.

Low-code and built for purpose | Skael Inc.

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Low-code and built for purpose