SKAEL Digital Workforce for Sales

Reps still waste 20% of the day on admin tasks, despite sophisticated tech stacks.

We’re working to change the narrative.

Sales workforce

With SKAEL Digital Employees

Get back the hours you’re losing every quarter to win more, win faster.

Hit quota: get your best sellers selling.

Unlike typical automation, SKAEL is role-based.

Your digital counterparts take on multiple workarounds left by your tech stack – across tools like CRM, Marketing Automation, Sales Intelligence, ERP and more.

Employees achieving results
Employees achieving more with less

Do more with less.

Budgets are shrinking. Turnover is high. Talent is hard to find. Yet your revenue targets remain the same.

SKAEL strengthens your bench and extends your reach – without adding headcount.

DEs hard at work

Unlike most task-based automation, SKAEL’s Digital Employees perform not just tasks, but multiple tasks within workflows and inter-related workflows that mirror a typical role within an organization—just like your staff.

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Beyond irritating, tech complications cost your team lost opportunities and your business revenue.
Beyond irritating, tech complications cost your team lost opportunities and your business revenue.
Beyond irritating, tech complications cost your team lost opportunities and your business revenue.

• Delays from weak system integrations

• Limited view of buyer needs and timing due to data silos

• Leaky pipelines from manual workarounds

Employees collaborating

41% of the sales workday is not spent selling, costing companies


in revenue every quarter.



of workers in business development and sales are close to burnout because of long working hours, a dense workload, and feeling required to always be on.


By 2030


jobs could go unfilled because there aren’t enough skilled people to take them.

-Korn Ferry

How SKAEL gives you and your reps time back in the day

Data entry

DEs update your CRM and keep customer data up-to-date across multiple systems of record from a single request.


Data queries

DEs fetch account, sales opportunity and customer data – eliminating manual log-ins and hunting in multiple apps.


Deck creation

DEs build pitch decks, 1:1 manager update decks and QBR decks – eliminating 2 weeks per quarter wasted on non-selling tasks.


Contract routing

DEs route proposals along multiple stages and approvers – keeping every deal progressing by eliminating missteps from busy reps.


Contact enrichment

DEs add data to enrich lead and contact info using multiple apps in your tech stack – no more bouncing from screen to screen, tab to tab.


Contact segmentation

DEs split audiences based on predetermined groups in your ICP – improving how you serve each prospect – based on their needs and interests.


Lead scoring

DEs work in marketing automation platforms and CRMs to run leads through lead-scoring programs – revealing hot leads for follow-up or those needing nurture.


Lead nurture

DEs drop leads into your nurture sequences, based on segmentation characteristics and buying intent – so buyers get timely, relevant info for faster wins.


Lead routing

DEs transfer leads dynamically to appropriate sales reps – removing delays and lost opportunities from missing contact info, territory changes or busy BDRs.


Doc retrieval

DEs fetch marketing collateral and sales enablement assets, like battle-cards, pricing guides and scripts, during – so AEs have what they need during customer calls.


Scheduling support

DEs help reps organize their day by working with scheduling software to book calls and demos via their preferred channel – removing back-and-forth for your busy teams.


BDR performance

DEs deliver metrics sales leadership needs to track each BDR's progress against goals – eliminating system log-ins and data wrangling.

SKAEL offers the speed-to-value that executives demand, the flexibility workers need, and the security and governance IT leaders require.
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