Frequently Asked Questions

We've gathered a few frequently asked questions below. 

Common Questions


What is Elsa?

We built Elsa to connect to your data and be ready to answer questions without any need for customization. Elsa helps you retain customers and employees better, sell faster and save money from having your team be human robots.


Can I build an AI Assistant to sell to our customers?

Yes, you can use the SKAEL platform to build an AI Assistant to automatically answer questions sent in by your customers. As you know, the AI Assistant is only as smart as you make it. You determine when and what the AI Assistant should answer, and when it should transfer the query to other customer support channels. If you'd like to resell your AI Assistant to your customer, please contact us about our partner program.


Does SKAEL keep any of customer data on their servers?

You decide where to keep your data. All of the data on our servers are secured with AES-256 at rest and within your own secure Kubernetes instance. And you can deploy to your preferred cloud provider or data center with just a click.


Can I deploy the SKAEL AI Assistant to my environment?

Absolutely, once you built your AI Assistant and happy with your setup you can use our platform to deploy to most popular messaging platforms and to your own cloud / data center environment.


Do I need training to build my AI Assistant using SKAEL

Nope. SKAEL AI is a self-serve platform, it's very intuitive and our tons of videos will help you step by step to build your AI assistant. Help is a click away, don't hesitate to give it a go