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What hosting options does SKAEL provide?

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1 - You can host your Digital Employee with us. We follow the safest security and storage methodologies. 2 - You can deploy your SKAEL Digital Employee on your cloud or corporate data center through an easy deployment from the Platform.

Does SKAEL support custom communication platforms?

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Yes! SKAEL's Digital Workforce Platform integrates with your custom communication platforms, websites, applications through our API. Leverage all the power of your Digital Employee with your existing tools.

What messaging platforms does SKAEL Support?

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SKAEL supports most popular messaging platforms, e.g. Slack, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Telegram, Twilio, Google Assistant, Alexa. We also offer a Web API out to connect your Digital Employee to your favorite application or proprietary messaging platform.

How secure is my data?

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Very secure. We process your data in memory and don’t store any of it. Your Digital Employee lives in its own Kubernetes cluster, encrypted at rest with AES-256, one of the strongest encryption methods available. We built SKAEL to adapt to your security methodology.

Which applications can you connect to?

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If your enterprise application has some sort of API or Database connectivity options, our platform can connect to it - that’s over 100,000 applications. Simply add the URL and the associated credentials and your Digital Employee starts learning from your existing processes.

How are SKAEL’s Digital Employees different to RPA?

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RPA (Robotics Process Automation) depends on your requests being processed through static Excel Macro-type, pre-recorded flows to properly function. Static capabilities require multiple pre-recorded flows and calls to third-parties APIs from Google, Microsoft and Amazon to process your sensitive data. Ours uses dynamic requests.

What can the SKAEL Digital Workforce Platform do?

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SKAEL’s Digital Workforce Platform empowers users to design and on-board highly customizable Digital Employees to solve complex business problems without writing any code. You can build, test and deploy your Digital Employee on your preferred messaging platform, connected to all of your structured and unstructured data sources and deploy to your preferred cloud or data center.

Is Apollo Secure?

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Our Digital Employee Apollo memorizes your data so that you don’t have to do all the hard work. You can ask Apollo questions, and they will be able to answer them based on the documents you provide. Your data is safely indexed, encrypted, and stored on our secure cloud servers. Your data will not be shared with anyone.

How does Apollo work?

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Apollo uses natural language processing (NLP) to find answers to your questions quickly, easily and correctly. They process legal documents, resumes, SoWs, HR policies and other long form documents that contain extensive information and require a long amount of time to review. Apollo can reduce the amount of time it takes to find the answer to small snippets of information required to get tasks completed.

For example, upload your HR policies document and ask Apollo questions like: "How many days are allowed for paternity leave in Canada" or "What is the daily meal allowance for international trips?"

What is Apollo?

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Apollo is a web chat Digital Employee dedicated to knowledge managment. They process structured data such as PDF files or word documents that have large amounts of text from your Google Drive. After processing these documents - which can takee up to 10 minutes - Apollo will answer open domain questions that you have about the content that lives within the folder or document of your choice.

Try our Plug-n-Play Digital Employee

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Discover how our free Plug-n-Play Digital Employee Apollo uses intelligent search to respond to questions you have about content in documents from your Google Drive. Start by saying "Hello" to Apollo in the chat below!

Safe, secure and as easy as 1-2-3.

SKAEL's Digital Employees perform roles across every business function.

They’re built using NLP, NLU and machine learning to provide rich, more human-like, end-user experiences but faster and easier than traditional automation models.They can interpret contextual information by making calls across business applications, reading structured and unstructured documents, processing information and requests and delivering information – without deep user involvement.Ouf-of-the-box Digital Employees are ready to go for HR, IT, RevOps and Finance. Or build your own using our no-code platform.

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