SKAEL Digital Workforce for Customer Success

Automation that works for you, not the other way around.

Your team has enough to do.

Sales workforce

With SKAEL Digital Employees

Get back the hours you’re losing wrangling the same tasks every day.

The labor shortage isn’t going away.

Scaling top talent is a non-negotiable to hit customer retention targets.

Your digital counterparts take on multiple workarounds left by your tech stack – across tools like Customer Success Platforms, CRM, Marketing Automation, ERP and more.

Employees achieving results
Employees achieving more with less

Never miss revenue opportunities again.

Customer demands are increasing, the hours are getting longer and the to-do list keeps growing.

Top performers are scarce, others are burned out. Yet, your retention and expansion targets remain the same.

DEs hard at work

Unlike most task-based automation, SKAEL’s Digital Employees perform not just tasks, but multiple tasks within workflows and inter-related workflows that mirror a typical role within an organization—just like your staff.

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Beyond irritating, tech complications cost your team lost opportunities and your business revenue.
Beyond irritating, tech complications cost your team lost opportunities and your business revenue.
Beyond irritating, tech complications cost your team lost opportunities and your business revenue.

• Delays in hand-offs from weak system integrations

• Limited view of customer needs and timing due to data silos

• Clunky experiences from manual, one-off workarounds

Employees collaborating

Repetitive tasks cost the global economy


in lost productivity annually.



of all workers are feeling burned out, up +9% from a pre-COVID survey



of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.


How SKAEL gives you and your CSMs time back in the day

Customer onboarding

DEs remove bottlenecks with  workflows to capture and update each of your customer’s requirements – guiding them through the launch experience.


Customer nurture

DEs drop customers into your nurture sequences – ensuring they get timely, relevant tips to launch and expand their use of your products and services.


Data queries

DEs fetch info to help teams monitor usage and adoption – eliminating manual log-ins and hunting in multiple apps.


Attrition management

DEs notify CSMs of points of friction – reducing risk of delayed launches, lack of adoption and termination.


Cross-sell, up-sell

DEs deliver timely, relevant info to customers to drive more selling opportunities – without dependency on human touch.


Renewals routing

DEs route contracts along multiple approvers – keeping every renewal, cross-sell and up-sell progressing by eliminating missteps from busy associates.


Deck creation

DEs build customer business review decks and 1:1 manager update decks – eliminating time wasted on non-strategic work.


Data entry

DEs update your Onboarding, Customer Success Platform and CRM to keep customer data up-to-date across multiple systems of record from a single request.


Profile enrichment

DEs add data to enrich customer accounts using multiple apps in your tech stack – no more bouncing from screen to screen, tab to tab.


Doc retrieval

DEs fetch product guides, checklists and playbooks during customer calls – ensuring CSMs have what they need to shine in front of customers.


Scheduling support

DEs help CSMs organize their day by working with scheduling software to book calls via their preferred channel – removing back-and-forth for your busy teams.


CSM performance

DEs deliver metrics leadership needs to track each CSM's progress against goals – eliminating system log-ins and data wrangling.

SKAEL offers the speed-to-value that executives demand, the flexibility workers need, and the security and governance IT leaders require.
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