About Us

SKAEL was founded by a group of individuals with decades of B2B, B2C and startup experience, working with customers of multiple sizes reiterating the same problem - every time a business metric question is asked, it takes hundreds of employee hours to provide a static response - dashboard, pivot table, slides.

Our goal is to have AI assist with listening to the business metric questions and perform robotic actions like looking for data across multiple disparate systems, autonomously cleaning and correlating that data to provide intelligence and prioritizing and formatting the responses into the most preferred and easiest digestible format.

With role-based access, we would be able to provide intelligence, benchmarks and analytics to executives all the way to executing day-to-day tasks with individuals and teams. At the same time, we did not want to provide "yet another tool" to learn, so our path forward was clear:

- Simplify the user experience by connecting into existing voice, chat and email capabilities
- Extend functionality of existing application, platform, document, data repositories and cloud investments
- Reduce human overhead required to clean and correlate across disparate data sources
- Secure our customers data by pushing our container to their preferred cloud or data center

We're working with customers across many industries to help transform their business. And we love working with partners to help build the right solution for their customer base.

Need more details? Contact us now and we'd be happy to understand how we can help.