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Our Goals & Values

We believe it's time to end the data feudal system and that goal drives everything we do at SKAEL.

Over several decades in B2B, our core team noticed one thing consistent across every industry. Gathering information across a company to make an informed decision in the 20th century, is just slightly better than the methods used in the feudal system.

Does this sound familiar? A decision maker, calls on someone, who's in charge of some people, who are in charge of a bunch of systems to gather their pieces of information and present the current state of affairs back to the requestor in a reasonably understandable format.

So we started SKAEL to help companies grow faster by empowering everyone to gain immediately actionable intelligence and take action across their multitude of data sources, in seconds, without any new tools to learn.

We value privacy, we do not and will not ever keep any data relevant to you. Our entire service is automatically deployable to your cloud or data center.

We carefully designed and crafted our platform to insure it distills all the complexity in the background into a simple yet powerful platform to tailor an AI Assistant that perfectly fits with your organization.

“Decisions should no longer be predicated on pyramids of people with static dashboards, spreadsheets, and slides where decision makers are trying to figure out what they're looking at and why they're looking at it.”
Baba Nadimpalli — Founder & CEO of SKAEL, Inc.

Our Amazing Team

SKAEL was started by a group of highly experienced entrepreneurs that were fed up with existing methods to gain actionable intelligence, or take action across silos within an enterprise. No matter the industry.

So we thought there has to be simpler, easier ways to harness the power of AI while not presenting a brand-new tool for end-users to learn. Combined with an assumption that the vast majority of data that will feed it, will be dirty and uncorrelated.

Baba Nadimpalli
Founder & CEO
Baba is a futurist and visionary leading a team of brilliant minds at SKAEL, after decades in B2B witnessing the reason to start SKAEL first-hand.
Ritesh Nadhani
Entrepreneur and Full-Stack Engineer. Ritesh's love for technology is only matched by his passion to solve complex business problems.
Farooq Khalid
VP Customer Interaction
Decades of experience as a customer, supplier and reseller. Farooq loves working with customers and partners to evangelize AI adoption.
Namit Raisurana
VP Products
Entrepreneur, investor, guest speaker and technologist. Namit keeps us focused on clearly defined products that fit with our purpose.
Ragu Mantatikar
VP Service Delivery
25 years of Service Management experience. Widely certified practitioner and trainer. Lives for delivering complex projects on time and on budget.
Chris Robinson
Dir. Bus. Dev.
As a seasoned sales leader, Chris masters the art of making complex solutions relatable to every industry.
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