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SKAEL is an artificial intelligence platform that connects all your company's information to your voice and chat channels.

Gain insights and action tasks simply and securely.

Employees spend over 54% of their time looking for information to make a decision

Timely access to actionable intelligence to make the right decision is the difference between success and failure.

You've got data, in all types of formats, spread across countless applications, sometimes overlapping and varying in accuracy. Looking for the right metrics to make informed decisions takes a long time, so does cleaning the data to remove errors. Add to that correlating and prioritizing information so that it makes sense and that's hundreds of hours of manual labor, static dashboards, pivot tables and decisions-by-slides.

Cut days and months into seconds

What if there's an easier way to tackle the problem? 

SKAEL listens to your request via voice, chat or email and understands your intent and context. Purpose built AI autonomously mines, cleans, correlates and prioritizes your data into the easiest to digest format. Our three easy connect modules allow rapid adoption, with simple plug and play extensibility.



Our supervised machine-learning algorithm and unique training methodology empowers your digital assistant to understand multiple combinations of user intent and context from email, chat, voice and video.



SKAEL learns from your team on how they properly extract, clean, correlate, prioritize and format your data to get to the right answer. Whether the data is structured or unstructured, on one platform or a combination of multiple platforms.



We analyze anonymized data to understand how groups of users are asking for information that leads to decision making. Also learning how your organization correlates and prioritizes multiple data sources leading us to accurately provide predictive and prescriptive results over time.

Your data is always secure.

All data is encrypted at rest with AES-256. Fulfillment of information via voice or collaboration platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Alexa or Google Assistant are done via static images built per request, with a short time to live.

Your data will always be where you want it to be, even when traversing our platform. You can minimize management overhead and keep your environment with us, increase control and efficiency and move your environment to your cloud instance or deploy on-premise with a simple cluster.

All requests to your servers are made over HTTPS and cryptographically signed so they can be verified to be legitimate.


Drag, Drop, Deploy

Select from one of several templates, or use our building blocks and build a fully customized digital assistant.

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